NY Times Features Daniel Edwards

Congratulations to one of our featured artists, Daniel Edwards, for his work being published in the New York Times. Daniel is continuing to work on his Black Outlined Blue series presently and promises to delve even deeper into the lives of black police officers. Given his background, he gives a very unique perspective on the duality that black officers live with.

As Mr. Edwards processed what he saw, he had a realization: Although his parents, Arby Hurd and C.C. Edwards, had lifelong careers in law enforcement, he had developed a general distrust of police officers. It was an uneasy tension. “I had developed this attitude around the police, but at the same time I love my parents,” he said. “How could those two feelings share the same space? I set out to work that out.” The contradictions between the good policing his parents exemplified and the anger stirred up by the steady stream of cellphone and dashcam footage that exposed police brutality, became the cornerstone of “Black Outlined Blue”.
Antwaun Sargent | NY Times

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