Darnell Wilburn

A contemporary depiction of black womanhood through the use of tableaux.

Sociology of the Black Woman is first and foremost about empowerment. These tableaux are designed/ constructed to delve into the structures that build up black women and those that hinder their growth and their impact on American culture. To show the diversity of the women who make up this subgroup of society.

The biggest elements of photography that drive my work are portraiture and narrative. As an artist, I want to capture hell or love, because everything else in between just doesn’t move me quite the same.

There is a curiosity that exists within us that yearns to explore our surroundings. We feel a kinship whenever we can connect to a story. At least for me, it’s a very noble pursuit. I believe a narrative to be the definitive form of expression, whether in sculpture, music, cinema, pictures, paintings or the written word. It’s all very irresistible. We can’t help but draw parallels to our own lives, finding fate in missives or understanding in expressions.