Chetta Davis


Vision loss is more than lights on, lights off. There are many variations that happen in between before blindness occurs. Though beauty is hidden through darkness, with limited sight it is the light that gives me hope. I manage to find solace in my gift, though oftentimes overwhelmed by blue light that fades in and out and leaves me feeling trapped & confined – whereas visions illuminate & make up for the loss of sight.

This project #BeautyUnveiling is inspired by low vision – daily sightings and what is perceived to be beautiful in my eyes – as someone who is visually impaired. This artwork is fabricated; it’s a visual replica of my degenerating eye disease. As a multimedia artist, I use different mediums to better illustrate and bring awareness to low vision. The pictures are an imitation of how I see with the disease. Other mediums used in this body of work are spoken word, video and writing.  The audiovisual intent is to evoke emotions while experiencing what I express behind closed doors. The writing includes me writing a letter to my younger self, connecting and encouraging myself that there is life after sight.